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Halo360 Edge Viewing Ring
Available for the following coins: Presidential, Presidential Wives, Sacagaweas, Susan B. Anthony’s, most Capped Bust Half Dollars, and some early silver dollars (Flowing Hair Dollars). CLICK HERE to learn more about the Halo360.

Custom Attributions
MNS still honors many FREE Attributes. VAM'S Hit List 40's, HOT 50's and Top 100 for Morgans and Peace Dollars remain FREE. Any other VAM'S listed on Submission forms will be verified and attributed for free as long as they are listed. All requests for unknown VAM'S have a fee of $10.00 Split Bands, Full Steps, Full Head, Cameo, Deep Cameo, Proof Like, DMPL, Red, Red / Brown, Die Cracks, Double Dies and Error coins attributes remain FREE! The following carry a premium due to time constraints: Die Variety, Die sets, Capped Bust Half varieties and attributes, Snow Numbers carry a $5.00 premium.

Special Services


Halo360 Edge Viewing Ring $5.00 Per Coin See Special Services above for available sizes
Crossover ANACS, ICG, NGC, PCGS, Etc. ** $25.00 Per Coin
Digital Photos of Coins with CD $3.00 Per Coin Discounts on Quantities over (10)
Fair Market Value of Coins $2.00 Per Coin Combine values from actual market sales
Custom Attributions $5.00 to $10.00 Per Coin “See above” Most Attributes are FREE.
Customized Slabbing “Per Case Fee” MNS customizes many Slabs. See Special Services.
Metallic Gold Tag “NO Charge” Standard MNS Tag.
Metallic Silver Tag “NO Charge” Standard MNS Tag.

** The cost of Crossovers is due to slabs being counterfeited. They must be authenticated. Also much care needs to be taken while cracking out your valuable coin

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It is our pleasure to verify a coin or bill’s authenticity, and we provide that service to our customers. Simply note on the order form(s) that you’d like us to do so when submitting your item(s) to us. However, any counterfeit and/or altered coins knowingly shipped through U.S. Mail is an attempt to defraud and is a felony offense. We will advise the U.S. Treasury Department and FBI of any customers we believe have intentionally submitted such coins to us. All accrued fees related to said coins, including time spent determining the nature of the item(s) and contacting the authorities, shipping, etc., will in turn be charged to the customer. We at MNS have seen too many counterfeits, and we are forced to take this action to deter any further attempts by collectors and/or dealers to pass counterfeits to us. It is unfortunate that we are compelled to take this stance, but it has become a necessity. We believe NOW is the time to take action against counterfeits before any more damage is inflicted to the reputation of the Numismatic Society, the integrity of our investments and the enjoyment of our hobby. We encourage all collectors, dealers and fellow grading houses to work together to stop this insidious activity.