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MNS offers one on one appraisals be it one coin or thousands of coins. We're willing to meet you in your home, locally in a bank conference room or any place your comfortable meeting. For those out of the state, we reassure you the confidence, security and integrity you've come to expect from our grading team. Feel confident that your collection or inheritance will be secure and treated professionally. We approach each appraisal differently taking quantity and organization into consideration. Even though each appraisal stands alone they have the same results. You'll have a spread sheet separating out each coin grade, value and Fair Market Value. You can trust that you'll receive a proper appraisal due to MNS standards, we do not buy or sell coins. Thus allowing an accurate and uninfluenced appraisal.

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Send all packages to the following address:

P.O. Box 628
New Port Richey, FL 34656

(727) 494-0226

Please do not note anything about coins on your package. Do not spell out our company name; please use "MNS".


It is our pleasure to verify a coin or bill’s authenticity, and we provide that service to our customers. Simply note on the order form(s) that you’d like us to do so when submitting your item(s) to us. However, any counterfeit and/or altered coins knowingly shipped through U.S. Mail is an attempt to defraud and is a felony offense. We will advise the U.S. Treasury Department and FBI of any customers we believe have intentionally submitted such coins to us. All accrued fees related to said coins, including time spent determining the nature of the item(s) and contacting the authorities, shipping, etc., will in turn be charged to the customer. We at MNS have seen too many counterfeits, and we are forced to take this action to deter any further attempts by collectors and/or dealers to pass counterfeits to us. It is unfortunate that we are compelled to take this stance, but it has become a necessity. We believe NOW is the time to take action against counterfeits before any more damage is inflicted to the reputation of the Numismatic Society, the integrity of our investments and the enjoyment of our hobby. We encourage all collectors, dealers and fellow grading houses to work together to stop this insidious activity.